About Us

caterToronto is a network of creative and collaborative caterers, navigating as a "social enterprise" non-profit organization that is seeking better social and economic outcomes with dignified, diverse, and delicious food employment and entrepreneurship. Our primary focus is working with racialized women, genderqueer, and/or newcomers in Toronto.

Since 2013, caterToronto has been dedicated to connecting people of all backgrounds and identities to crucial resources to start and sustain their food businesses. caterToronto has since expanded its programming, consulting and advocacy efforts to encompass the larger food and restaurant industry, by offering services not only to new food entrepreneurs, but also to food workers, employers, and operators of community and commercial kitchens. 

With our shared and growing expertise and experiences working in different areas of the food system, we are able to engage, plan and implement initiatives that foster inclusive local economies, by leaning into our team’s skill set and the skill sets of our brilliant network of peers. 

Looking into the future, caterToronto will continue to offer innovative approaches, like providing training and mentorship for food entrepreneurs, advocating for fair wages and working conditions, as well as highlighting the amazing recipes representative of Toronto residents. We are dedicated to leveraging learning (and unlearning) for better food systems, leaning into circular food economies and reducing food and food-related waste, to contribute to a world where everyone can find dignity and opportunity in the food industry, regardless of their identity or circumstances.

To say the least, we recognize that there are a lot of problems and that there are a lot of solutions that we must work on together. 

In collaboration with colleagues across the food industry, caterToronto is working to create meaningful impact for people of all identities in all corners of the food industry, supply chain, and related institutions in Toronto and across the world.