Do you own or operate a kitchen space that is underutilized? 

caterToronto is seeking to work with community partners who are interested in collaborating with the Kitchens Network Program by offering access to a certified commercial *kitchen space. We use the word "kitchen", but are open to food friendly spaces that could be used for a number of different reasons, such as food prep for catering, recipe testing, pop-ups, special events, as well as hosting cooking demonstrations, workshops, food photography, media content creation, etc. 

If you are interested in what we do and would like to partner with us, please fill out the contact form below.

To learn more about the Kitchens Network Program and caterToronto, please read the FAQ below. 

For more information please see our FAQ below:
Who is caterToronto?

caterToronto is a network of creative and collaborative caterers, navigating as a "social enterprise" non-profit organization that is seeking better social and economic outcomes with dignified, diverse, and delicious food employment and entrepreneurship. Our primary focus is working with racialized women, genderqueer, and/or newcomers in Toronto.

What is the Kitchens Network Program?

The Kitchens Network comprises Toronto-based organizations and businesses that have partnered with cTo (caterToronto) to provide affordable rental of commercial kitchen spaces for their members. Furthermore, members have the opportunity to tap into supplementary business services, which encompass administrative assistance, coordination aid, training, educational resources, and workshop programs facilitated by cTo and community partners.

What do members use the kitchen for?

There are a number of different potential uses for the kitchen space which could be for preparing food for catering, pop-ups, special events, wholesale products, as well as hosting cooking demonstrations, workshops, etc. We would discuss with you first to understand what are the possibilities for the space that is being offered up.

How does scheduling work?

We would discuss with you first to learn more about the current activities, and what dates/times the kitchen is available for use (renting).

What is the intake and oversight process for members?

Prior to signing up, members must attend orientation and training sessions. We collaborate with members to ensure they possess all the required documentation, including Food Handlers certification, Liability Insurance, Licensing, and more, before reserving their initial kitchen session.

How does this work?

Please feel free to contact us and tell us a little bit about yourself, and your business/organization, and why you are interested in working with us. We can set up a time to talk either online, phone, or in person to learn more about you and discuss what this potential collaboration could look like. 

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